Publication Ethics in Motus in verbo journal

Publication ethics of Motus in verbo : Young Scientist Journal express standards of ethical behavior of all parties involved in publishing: the author, the editor-in-chief, the Editorial Board, the Scientific Council, the reviewer, the publisher. The ethical principles of journal Motus in verbo are based on the principles of good manners publishing defined in international forum Committee on Publication Ethics in The Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors issued by the COPE. Publication ethics of Motus in verbo complete By-laws of the journal.

Correct and complete citation of others must always be specified. When quoting the author of the work complies with ethical standards. When referring to published sources must be a clear indication of what is discussed, from who assumes a precise identification of the source from which information is discussed. Any form of plagiarism represents unethical publication behavior and will not be acceptable. Even retrieve only one sentence from the manuscript of another without proper quotations is considered as plagiarism.

For the journal the authors provide original theoretical and observational articles in accordance with the profile of the journal. Only original works and articles, which have not been published anywhere else yet, nor have they been sent for publication to any other journal, are accepted for publication. To send the same manuscript to more than one journal is allowed only if it is in foreign language. If the author finds a significant error or inaccuracy in their published work, it is their duty to notify the fact to the editor immediately and to become involved in correction or removal of the article.

Any manuscript that does not meet these standards will be rejected.